Early Childhood Development

The Problem

In 1990, the United States ranked sixth in the world for its level of healthcare and education. In 2018, that ranking dropped to 27th. (Source: The Lancet) Our nation has seen a marked decrease in educational attainment, which is partly the result of reduced and poorly allocated funding and too little emphasis on the early years of a child’s life, specifically ages 0-5. Investment in education begins at birth. Data compiled by the Rauch Foundation found that 85 percent of a person’s brain is fully developed by the time they are five years old. Currently, according to the New York Times, the United States invests about $500 per child aged 0-5, while countries above us in education invest upwards of $25,000 per child aged 0-5.

The Solution

Increasing and optimizing our investment in children aged 0-5 would result in an increased ability to read and do math at grade level, graduate high school, hold a job, form more stable families of their own and ultimately reverse poverty. We must put a higher priority on quality early childhood programs and education. We can make a difference for all children by helping parents, caregivers, grandparents, pre-school teachers, and all who come into contact with children understand the benefits of talking, singing, reading, playing and, ultimately, connecting with young children. 

Our Role

GIFT CONNECT engages leaders and organizations within targeted local communities that are passionate about the role of 0-5 Early Childhood Development in reversing poverty, creating a stronger education system and setting the foundation for a healthier, more sustainable society.
We support and celebrate the work our partners are already doing and collaborate on ways to create and implement 0-5 programming. Further, we are committed to amplifying our partners’ programs, revolutionary science-backed data and behavior change solutions through both traditional and digital media as well as our unique edutainment strategy and the power of music

What is 0 to 5?

How It Works

This powerful video explains in more detail the incredible 0 to 5 training principles.

Watch and listen to see real world examples of parents building their children’s cognitive capacity before age 3.

How Peek-A-Boo Can Change the World

7 Year Old Molly Wright

This world famous Ted Talk by Molly Wright perfectly demonstrates how powerful and necessary 0 To 5 training is to increasing the cognitive capacity of the worlds’ children.

Zero to Five - GLOBAL

Building a strong foundation in childhood is critical for the next generation to reach their highest potential. Through our 0-5 program and international grassroots music outreach, we nurture and support our youth and their caregivers, empowering them on their journey to enhanced well-being in mind, body and spirit.
Starting in Kenya, through the musical inspiration of Stellar Mengele, we are spreading awareness on the importance of speaking to, singing to and playing with your baby.
View this presentation for more information on our Early Childhood Development program focusing on ages 0-5. Download Presentation

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