Matt Auerbach – Be the Turtle

By starting slow (like a turtle), Mt. Pleasant Elementary School principal Matthew Auerbach was able to introduce mindfulness to his staff and students.

Dr. Judson Brewer – Making Good Habits a Habit

What is behind much of the habitual actions we do is a reward-based learning system, more specifically the trigger-behavior-reward mechanism. What we’re doing is using mindfulness to specifically target and hack this reward-based learning system.

Alison Fowler – “Your Services are No Longer Needed” Was My Liberation—Twice!

There are questions we don’t ask ourselves that can doom our dreams, sabotage our best intentions and leave us drifting in failure and purposelessness. Alison Fowler has asked herself some tough questions. In the process, she has come up with a way to inspire and help individuals and organizations cut through some of their self-limiting attitudes and make remarkable things happen.

Richard Reoch – Recovering The Lost Art of Listening

Often the great gift to come out of an adversarial conversation is to find out why the other person sees the world in such a radically different way. Sometimes, the result of that spirit of inquiry produces surprising results.

Dr. Bob Rotella – The Psychology of Greatness

Bob Rotella’s job is to help some of the world’s greatest athletes improve their performance. He considers himself a coach, but you won’t find him talking much about technique and form.

As one of the most renowned sports psychologists, Bob spends most of his time getting people to change the way they view themselves, focusing on improving the attitudes and beliefs that stand in their way from achieving their best. While we may never sink a buzzer beater or catch a pass to win a championship, we can all use the kind of attitude adjustments that Bob Rotella recommends.

Leslye Moore – Something Must Be Keeping Me Here For A Reason

If a cat has 9 lives, Leslye Moore surely has 18 or more. For over 20 years,  Leslye was an international aid worker serving in some of the most dangerous outposts imaginable – Rwanda in the uptick to the genocide, strife-torn Bosnia and Croatia and remote Zaire during a civil war, to name just a few.

Her stories rival the most hair-raising action-adventure film or novel but for the fact that they are all true and she somehow survived to share it all with us. More importantly, she has put her experiences (and her own personal recovery from PTSD) all to good use helping people recover from the trauma of war and rebuild their lives.

Sam Beard – How Meditation Taught An Old Dog New Tricks

Sam Beard is the mind and visionary behind GIFT Global, Delaware Changing Lives, and the new CONNECT campaign. Sam brings his experience serving 8 US presidents together with his passion for improving the lives of people worldwide, and collaborates with some of the best minds and souls around the world.