Suzanne Hall and Natalie Alexia – 2018 Superpower Summit

The goal of bringing together 100 million people to go online and participate in the virtual Superpower Summit in early 2019 is admittedly audacious, but welcome to co-organizers Suzanne Hall, founder and CEO of Be Intent, the New Zealand-based developer of personal development technology tools—and Natalie Alexia, a growth coach and global activist. But given what they both have already accomplished, it is the next logical steps in a natural progression.

The Superpower Summit will host over 200 people on the leading edge of human endeavor to share their personal journeys of transformation and introduce a broad spectrum life-enhancing tools to expand human potential, promote well-being and stimulate solutions to our most urgent challenges.

At age 21 and a single mom, Suzanne experienced first-hand the fruits of a personal social experiment of sorts when she formed one of the world’s first natural skin care businesses, Living Nature. New to running a business, she had no idea how you were supposed to hire employees, which ultimately turned out to be a good thing. Suzanne gave an opportunity to 90 other single mothers like herself to have a job, look out for one another and take care of their children together.

“Seeing those women go from being beneficiaries to becoming incredibly valuable members of the team (and the culture that emerged from it) was the big reason why the whole business succeeded,” explains Suzanne. The company, which has received many international awards for business excellence, continues strong today, exporting the healing properties of New Zealand botanicals to 14 countries.

In 2010, Suzanne started a new venture called Be Intent, a technology company dedicated to helping individuals and businesses thrive, flourish, strive, attain and sustain. “Built into the tool is to take responsibility for who we are in the world and better manage our days. We’ve been working in that space for the past 7 years and have seen how thousands of people have really blossomed and changed, especially among the epidemic numbers suffering with anxiety issues who have become so much more resilient. It’s all about small bits of mindfulness—asking ourselves the right questions, promoting heart intelligence, laughing at ourselves, getting over it and getting on with it. It’s not just about the good times, but about how we handle the hard bits. With the Summit, we want to reach a much larger critical mass to get people more present in their day and to themselves and what they need, realizing that it is all their choice.”

Natalie brings to the Superpower Summit an expertise about how to build a project into a social movement. Spending her youth living all over the world, Natalie credits her insatiable curiosity with launching her on the path to exploring the untapped power of mind. As a 15 year old, she went to a workshop on selfhypnosis in Melbourne, Australia. Seeing how someone in a hypnotic state could be punctured by a safety pin in the fleshy part of the arm without pain, swelling or bleeding was an unforgettable eyeopener. “Essentially, it was really my first understanding of how we can work with and program our minds to do things we thought we couldn’t do.”

In recent years, Natalie embarked on a project called Love Is The True Black and photographed over 3,000 people all over the world for a single purpose. She asked each one: “If you could share a message with the world and guarantee everyone would hear and understand you, what would you say?” Those messages, written in marker on the limbs and torsos of the subjects, became a powerful exercise.

“People really wanted to make a stand for what they believed in and felt so empowered in that moment of owning their messages. When I asked them afterwards for feedback, the most common answer was they wanted to be part of something that made a difference. That’s what we’re also looking at in the Summit. One of our hopes with the Summit is asking people what a more mindful world means to them and what action they are going to take. It is the coming together of a collective to be the change you want to be in the world. What would it be like if we could get 100 million people to take small mindful actions? The ripples would be intense.”

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