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Editor - Joel Brokaw

Nipun Mehta

The Smallest, Simplest Act of Kindness Can Radically Transform Your Life

In today’s world, no one has done more to advance the healing power of generosity on the global level than Nipun Mehta. Jumping off a lucrative career in computer engineering, Nipun applied the notion of “small acts of kindness” to invent a way…

Matthew Auerbach

Be The Turtle

Being a school principal means never knowing what the new day is going to bring. Things get thrown at you that you can never anticipate. It’s exciting and inspiring at the same time. To be a good principal, you have to love being with kids. I am invested in them as a means to affect our future..

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

The Intertwining Of Faith And Activism

For each of us yearning and working for a more just world, it is a good to take time to reflect on our inner life.. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, a former two-term Lieutenant Governor of Maryland and the eldest…

Craig F. Schindler

Crossing The Bridge To Our Future

Dr. Craig Schindler’s life has been devoted to one big, overarching question: What will it really take to bring about a shift in consciousness and action that’s needed for us to overcome the global threats to our future and move us forward as a species to our next level of conscious evolution?…

Dr. Judson Brewer, MD PhD

Making Good Habits A Habit

The expression “no pain, no gain” applies not solely to getting good results at the gym. Pain is also commonly the big motivator for most of us to start exercising our minds to rid ourselves of problem behaviors and begin to lead happier and healthier lives. Becoming open to trying mindfulness sadly often requires us to hit painful bottom…

Richard Reoch

Recovering The Lost Art Of Listening

For nearly a half century, Richard Reoch has put into practice the tools of mindfulness to deal with some of the most horrific and gut-wrenching situations humanity has faced in recent decades…

Leslye Moore

Something Must Be Keeping
Me Here for a Reason

If a cat has 9 lives, Leslye Moore surely has 18 or more. For over 20 years, Leslye was an international aid worker serving in some of the most dangerous outposts imaginable—Rwanda in the uptick to the genocide, strife torn Bosnia and Croatia and remote Zaire during a civil war, to name just a few…

Dr. Bob Rotella

The Psychology of Greatness

Bob Rotella’s job is to help some of the world’s greatest athletes improve their performance. He considers himself a coach, but you won’t find him talking much about technique and form…

Dr. Jim Walsh

Leading The Way To Make Delaware
The First Mindful State

It is no accident that Dr. Jim Walsh is leading GIFT’s groundbreaking initiative in Delaware to show the remarkable benefits when mindfulness is integrated into every sector of society…

Dr. Jenna Tedesco

The Art Of Showing Up For Yourself

“This sounds like some hippie bullshit, ‘I said to myself.’But okay, what do I really have to lose?’ Within the first sessions, we started with a sitting practice and I knew immediately that this was going to be life-changing.’

Suzanne Hall & Natalie Alexia

Creating a powerful movement connecting 100 million people with their own superpowers

The goal of bringing together 100 million people to go online and participate in the virtual Superpower Summit in 2019 is admittedly audacious, but welcome to co-organizers …

Chris Ruane & Jamie Bristow

Mindful Nations – Building From The Top Down

How much would a society change if a significant percentage of leader and policymakers in its national government personally practiced mindfulness technology? Thanks to the efforts of Chris Ruane (a British Labour Party Member of Parliament)…

Rachna Sharma

Once You Change, Everything Changes Around You

If we’re having a bad day, feel mired in hopelessness or seem drifting without meaningful purpose, the perfect antidote is to have a talk with Rachna Sharma, Founder, Vision 2021 One Million Youth For Peace…

Kenny Aronoff

The Mindful Pathways Of A Legendary Musician

After a few seconds of talking with Kenny Aronoff, you understand why he is so celebrated as one of the great living drummers in popular music over the last four decades…

Joel Brokaw

The Swedish Ghost

The doorway to the realm of mindfulness is easily opened when we ourselves become open to the fact that not everything that we encounter has a rational explanation. Sometimes, weird phenomena can happen to us for the very purpose to shock us into realizing…

Sam Beard

How Meditation Taught An Old Dog New Tricks

I am hardly the stereotype for anything that might be considered woo-woo. A graduate of Yale and Columbia, I am
more Brooks Brothers than tie-dyed. I had a childhood where sitting was frowned upon when you could be up…

Bonnie Marks

What We Resist Persists

Bonnie Marks is endlessly intrigued about the resilience of human beings, that quality of rising above our misfortunes, to recover and take charge of our lives when things don’t go our way. It is her work to foster such resilience as a psychologist at New York University’s Langone Medical Center…

Ash Manuel

Stop, Think and Appreciate

Ash Manuel knows all too well that life-changing inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of sources. The creator of the celebrated Growing With Gratitude program for school-age children, Ash was a primary school teacher Adelaide in South Australia when his world suddenly opened up…

Ali Fowler

“Your Services Are No Longer Needed” Was My Liberation – Twice!

There are questions we don’t ask ourselves that can doom our dreams, sabotage our best intentions and leave us drifting in failure and purposelessness. Alison Fowler has asked herself some tough questions. In the process, she has come up with a way to inspire and help individuals and organizations cut through some of their self-limiting attitudes and make remarkable things happen…

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