CONNECT: The Ultimate Human Superpower book cover

CONNECT: The Ultimate Human Superpower

38 Remarkable Journeys into the Inner Realm of Mind Power

In CONNECT: The Ultimate Human Superpower, Sam Beard invites us to meet 38 remarkable storytellers, each of whom can ignite in us the spark to gaining richer, more fulfilling and purposeful lives.  

What all of them have in common is they have each unlocked a way for us all to CONNECT to a greater power within ourselves. It is quite simply the key to realizing our enlightened human potential, the common denominator of profound growth and change.    

You’ll hear from a remarkable Aboriginal healer, a scientist probing the frontiers of higher consciousness, leaders on the world stage tackling our greatest challenges and some ordinary people who are anything but. 

Once we fully realize how harnessing our power to CONNECT is the only thing holding us back, we begin a new journey of unfathomable and exciting transformation.


“Sam Beard assumes the role of a flashlight, shining a light on other people to multiply their visibility and impact, so we as a society can better ourselves.”
Global Editor "Something Good Magazines", Life Coach, and Playwright

Quotes from the book:

Everything is feeding us delicious, amazing information. But you can’t get this information if you try to outrun it, overtalk it, outperform it, outproduce it. Turn toward it.

Why does it often take a major life-changing event, like a pandemic, an accident or illness, or a painful loss, to open us up to these simple but profound life-enhancing tools? Most of us are on “automatic pilot."

It is important to understand that nonviolence is not a meditative or a passive force. It is a weapon of the strong, of people who are absolutely confident.