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About GIFT


GIFT is a gathering place of ideas and actions dedicated to global betterment via the integration of diverse mindfulness practices and technologies into our daily lives.     

GIFT believes that engaging one billion new people into mindfulness practice represents a powerful antidote to a host of problems affecting all living beings.

While mindfulness practices have been part of the human experience for millennia, GIFT recognizes the urgent need for global healing and the vast untapped potential from this most accessible of tools available to all of us.

GIFT brings together leaders and experts to promote, advance and integrate non-sectarian, science-based mindfulness approaches to improve outcomes in public health, education, business and workplace and overall quality of life.

GIFT was founded by Sam Beard, who has created and chaired public service programs for the past 8 U.S. Presidents over the last half century.   He formed the nonprofit GIFT to serve as a crucial bridge between innovators, policymakers, educators and the general public with the goal of improving the lives of one billion people over the next decade. 

 GIFT’s work is action-oriented to inspire, collaborate, influence and innovate by co-creating and delivering ideas, content and programs that address our most pressing challenges. 

GIFT does not promote one form of mindfulness over another. We encourage all to seek out that form which is most appropriate for their self, their family and their community. GIFT does not promote any religion or set of beliefs.

A 'More Mindful World' is the ultimate vision of GIFT.

GIFT is largely run by a volunteer team of amazing force for good people and organisations and we are forever grateful for their talents, expertise and generosity.  

We are a small team, partnering with big names and big hearts. Together we can do this. It's ours to make happen.

Legal Status
GIFT is a US-based not-for profit organization as approved by the United States Treasury Department and its Internal Revenue Service (IRS). GIFT is a certified public foundation under section 501 (c) 3 of the IRS codes.
The foundation certification was approved in 2006.

Sam Beard Income
Sam Beard's life has been public service. Sam will receive a reasonable salary from GIFT for his leadership. Sam's salary will be discussed and approved by the GIFT Board. Sam's salary will be donated solely by Sam's friends.

Therefore, 100% of all of GIFT's donation and earned revenues will be directed to meet the mission.

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